How To Keep Your Job Regardless of the Economy

Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Ephesians 6:7


Are you worried constantly about being laid off in this economy? Do you stay up nights wondering about job security or getting the next promotion? Lots of folks toss and turn for hours obsessing over job security, something said to them at work, and the people they work with.


I learned, during the last recession, that in order to keep from getting laid off I was going to have to go beyond what was expected of me. I kept hearing the rumors of massive company lay-off. I too was concerned. I prayed about it one night and asked God to give me wisdom. I kept getting one scripture after the other regarding "humility." So, I began to look around me to see what I could do to set myself apart from the rest. Six months latter there was a lay-off.  Two hours prior to that lay-off I was called into the boss's office and offered a promotion. He told me at the time, "Whatever you do don't tell anyone you got this promotion. Don't even call your family. Keep it under your vest until the end of the day." I had no idea what was coming that day, but I trusted this man enough to do what I was told. When everyone, but me, from my department was called in to be advised of that layoff I had my answer. The day was bittersweet to me. I was so thankful to be keeping my job and receiving more money, yet I was so sad for those who got laid off.


God had showed me, however, the secret to keeping my job and I would like to share it with you, today. It's not about going behind co-workers backs and running them down. It's not about stabbing people in the back. It's simply what we read in Ephesians 6:7 above: work well, be enthusiastic, and humble yourself as if you were serving God. You must be willing to do any job that it asked of you and not think it beneath your pay grade.


I prayed and when I did God begin to show me that there were needs in that office that no one was willing to meet. With the exception of a few people, everyone in that office had degrees ranging from AA degrees to doctorates.  I worked for a healthcare management organization at the time. The receptionist was always asking folks to take over the front desk during times of her lunch breaks, ECT. She was have a hard time because one after another told her, "I don't do receptionist work." She had a problem, and God told me to solve it for her. I went to the front desk and said "I have done receptionist work in the past, Linda. The next time you need someone to cover you, buzz me." I solved her problem, and did it with a smile. That was passed on to upper management.


Everyone has the ability to get promoted and have job security; you simply have to humble yourself, as unto the Lord, and be willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of management. Solving someone else's problem makes you someone that no one wants to get rid off. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and it shall be given from Him." James 1:5. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom as to what extra help is needed, where you work, and meet someone's need.

The following are a few winning suggestions to pass the pack and have job security. If the worst does come to worst and you are laid off, you will still get a glowing recommendation letter to take with you to the next place.


Because I get plenty of emails from people asking me to pray about their job situations, I wanted to share, what God showed me regarding keeping a job. These same suggestions may come in handy in any situation where you work with other people.


1. Even if you have the supervisor from "you know where" never, ever let a critical word about them pass your lips.  People promote those who show loyalty to them.  Stick by the boss and the boss will stick by you when promotion time comes around.

2. Don’t call in sick to work unless it is an absolute emergency.  It’s okay to take time off but schedule it well in advance. People who call in sick often are not promoted because they appear to be undependable.

3. Get a Day Timer and make a list of priorities, as you complete tasks scratch them off your list. Making lists helps you to organize your thoughts and your workday.

4. Volunteer for any extra work around the office.  You may feel tired but keep your goal in mind.  You are training yourself for a management position.  When you are tempted to not raise your hand and volunteer remember that you can take it easier when you get that promotion.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advise from your boss if need be.  This makes the boss feel important and influential.  When the advice is given thank the boss and then make a note of what you were told in your Day Timer for future reference.

6. Always do more than what is expected of you.  Supervisors like to promote people who make them look good.  Take some of the load off the back of your superior and make sure that you don’t take any credit for it. 

7. Do not gossip about other folks on your team at work.  There is always plenty to talk about at the work place.  Just listen and smile and move on without commenting.

8. Be positive and enthusiastic about projects you are given.  A negative person can bring down the whole team.   Be the person folks enjoy being around!

9. Be slow to anger. We all have bad days.  Some people can try our patience even on good days, but try to not take things personally.  If someone gets on your nerves let it go quickly.  If you can, take a break and walk around the building when you feel yourself getting upset with a co-worker.

10. Be the first to assist others on your team with their responsibilities when needed. Although knowledge is power it will make you look better to those in positions of authority when you help others on the team work more efficiently.

11. Be the first to arrive at work and the last to leave.  People who rush out the door at five o’clock are not usually considered for management positions. 

12. Don’t spend a lot of extra time in the break room and in the restroom.  Let those in authority see you spending the greater part of the day doing your job.

13. Without seeming phony make an effort to always try and uplift the spirits of those around you. Ask them about family, and seem genuinely interested in the answers they give you. 

14.  If things are bad with you on a personal level leave it at the door of your home and DO NOT bring it in to the workplace. If you need to talk to someone about personal problems work is not the place to do so. You want to project the image of someone whose life is under control.  These are the people who get promoted.  The ones who have things under control at home are most often thought of as those who can control things in the work environment.

15. Make eye contact with and smile at people as you come into work and go around the workplace during the day.  Your body language is being watched.  No matter how bad you may feel keep a stiff upper lip, hold your head up eye and keep smiling.  This gives you the appearance of self-confidence that is needed in a management position.

16. Thank others for any help they give you and let them know how much you appreciated their help. People who are well liked and work well with others get promoted much faster then those who are difficult to work with.

17. Participate in team activities such as potlucks, ECT.  Let others know that although you can work well on your own you are a team player first and foremost.

18. When your supervisor asks your opinion regarding another member of your team be honest and yet kind. If something negative needs to be said about the person always preface it with a compliment.

19. Don’t give anything less then 100% of your ability to your company.  Ask yourself if this were your own company how would you treat the job and then do it as if you yourself were the owner. 

20.  Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes.  We all make mistakes and when others who look up to you see the humility in you they are more impressed by your sincerity and find it much easier to come to you for help when they need it.


Father, We thank you today that you care about all area's of our lives, and want to teach us how to survive and thrive. We thank you today that "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusts in YOU." Isaiah 26:3 In Your Name, the Name above all names we pray. Amen and Amen.

For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God