Being Overly Sensitive

Have you ever been a friend with someone that you felt you had to "walk on eggshells" when you spoke to them.


Some people have been so abused by not one but several people in their lives that they have learned to be overly sensitive to anything that comes out of anyone's mouth that sounds the least bet like criticism.



First let me say that being sensitive is a good thing, in part, because it allows us to be sensitive to the hurts and needs of others. It is the sensitive side of our spirits that allows us to show and feel compassion to the hurts of others. Sensitive people, with discernment, are needed in the hurting world we live in today.


So everything has a good side, and a bad side. The bad side of being sensitive is that it causes us to take a lot of things personally that we shouldn't.


For a long time, even after I knew Jesus personally, I was overly sensitive to the point that it made me miserable. I would be happily going about my day and then someone would say something that would practically devastate me. I would lose my focus and I would obsess over something someone did or said. You may be like that or you may know someone who is. Not being able to take valid criticism is a big problem when it causes us to change our behavior. By that, I mean people who shut themselves off from socializing with others out of fear of criticism.


Part of the depression I went through was due to my perceived hurt over what people had crititcised me over. When God delivered me from depression, and you can read the article about that right here, he began a process of renewing my mind.


I had to make a conscious effort to not take things personally, which appeared to be overtly critical. This can be a real challenge for any one who has suffered verbal and emotional abuse. We need to be willing to trust God to restore us to healthy sensitivity.


God started the healing process of my mind by literally showing me when I was over-reacting to something someone said. I would hear a comment that upset me, and God would say, "This isn't about what "so and so" just said. This is about what you feel about yourself because of the verbal and emotional abuse." It went on for a while, this conversation from God, involved in my healing.


At one point, I had literally had it with myself. I was losing relationships, because of my overly sensitivity. In desperation one day I cried out to God "God, I said, I need deliverance from this "spirit" of imagination's. The time was right, and do you know what? God delivered me from the spirit trying to control my mind, right then and right there. Now days there are times when someone will say to me "You shouldn't let so and so talk to you like that." I will say, "What are you talking about, I didn't even hear that." God is good, when He delivers you, He delivers you!


Now when I deal with someone with an overly sensitive spirit I noticed it immediately, since I spent years of my life like that. The life of peace with God cannot be assessed until we can be delivered from getting our feelings hurt constantly, the reason for that is that it causes constant drama. Satan attacks in our minds, 9 out of 10 times. We need to learn to overcome through the Word his attacks on our minds.


I want to give you a few thoughts regarding criticism that are helpful when you have thought obsession.


First of all, it's not always about us. Maybe the person is having a rotten day and maybe you are dealing with an angry, jealous and insecure person who is critical because that's just the way they are. It's not a good reason for what they are saying to hurt you, but put the things in perspective. It's not you; it's anyone in his or her path. Like a tornado they are not selective with whom they destroy.


Next, criticism is inevitable. You may have the best of intentions and some people are just never going to see that. Do what are right in God's eyes, not men.


Now here's a shock, but some criticism is valid. Sometimes God will put someone in our path to point out a behavior we need to change. We need to be able to, in those times, listen to the criticism and receive it as a gift from God.


When we realize who we are in God, and we let Him raise our self-esteem then we can learn to not take the criticism personally.  Try to be open minded about it. Pray about it, ask God if it's valid. If the answer is yes, then ask him to help you. If the answer is no, then you can chose to spend as little time around the person as possible. If it's a family member you can't escape then I have found it best to smile sweetly and then ignore them.


Pray for God to make you toughen up. Ask for Him to give you a tougher skin. You know since I was delivered about being hurt by criticism, I have been able to turn so many critical people around by my behavior. When they don't get a rise out of you, the bully seems to retreat. Some people like to criticism others to build themselves up. If you wanted to be the tallest building in town you would have to tear other buildings down or build yourself taller. The bully is so afraid and so insecure that they will tear you down.


If you feel that this criticism is unfair, it may be time to speak up. Many a bully retreats as you advance with a simply statement, such as "I have no idea what you are talking about, and I am not going to deal with being your emotional scapegoat. God doesn't want us to be doormats for anyone's bad mood.


The bottom line here is to take criticism for what it is. It is simply someone's opinion. You only have to please God. You don't need to worry about what man thinks of you, only what God thinks about you.


A lot of times the criticism of you is simply a way of keeping you away from the person. You may be showing them something in their life that needs to be changed and so they feel the only way to bring you down to their level is to criticize you. It makes them feel better about themselves.


The next time someone says something critical to you and you are tempted to obsess over it do this..Say to yourself STOP. I know who I am in Christ Jesus, other people's opinions about me are not important.


If you have to tell that to yourself 10 times a day then do it. Stop the thought, and get your mind purposely on something else. You may have to spend time on your knees like I did until God delivers you, but when we ask Him in humility, I know without a doubt he delivers.


It feels so good to be free of over-sensitivity. I pray that if you are overly sensitive God will deliver you.


Lets pray. Father, today we bring our compulsive overly sensitive thoughts to you. We thank you for renewing our mind. We thank you that we can be free of worry about what others think of us. Thank you father for loving us just the way you made us. You are the potter, we are the clay and you don't make junk. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and amen 

For We Know That Nothing...No Thing..  is impossible with God